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Literature As Folk Tradition

At Indian Novels Collective, our effort is to transcend the gap between Indian storytelling and English readers. In collaboration with the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, we explored the word that is almost lost to this audience because it does not get written. And yet, it is the most powerful storytelling, connecting to audiences across generations, through the use of music and a true to life imagery. Three genres from India were highlighted in the evening’s performance – the earthy and energetic Bidesia from Bhojpuri, Hindustani Classical Music in the form of Ovis of Bhanibai and Laavni and finally Mithali folk. Here’s a look at the Rameshwar Gop’s rehearsal video, just before the show.

Bioscope Classics: Readings by Vivek Oberoi and Richa Chadda at the Times LitFest 2017

Books and films have much in common. Making this clear to th audience on the final day of the Times Litfest 2017 were actors Richa Chadha and Vivek Oberoi. The duo read out scenes from two novels that have been made into films. First, they read an excerpt in English from ‘Pather Panchali’ by Bibhutibhushan Banerji that was made into the acclaimed film by Satyajit Ray. The second reading was in Hindi, and the actors read from the novel ‘Maare Gaye Gulfam’ by Phanishwarnath Renu, which was adapted to screen as ‘Teesri Kasam’ by Basu Bhattacharya and starred Raj Kapoor.

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