• Arsi-a-Ado

    By Kala Prakash
    Translated into Hindi as Darpan ke Samane by Kheeman U. Moolani

    Arsi-a-Aado (In front of Mirror, 1992) is projected to be an iconic contribution to Sindhi literature. It is based on a life story of a person, who is struggling to cherish his dreams which he has brought along with him to an alien land. In this novel, Kala Prakash has successfully reflected various facets of life and human behaviour. It won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1994.

    About the Author
    Born in Karachi, Kala Prakash is considered one of the best-known fiction writers of Sindhi literature. The multiple award-winning writer has eight novels, three short story collections, two poetry collections and a travelogue to her name. Kala Prakash created a niche for herself by the deft handling of sensitive and delicate subjects in her works. She lived at Adipur, Kutchh, where she was associated with the Institute of Sindhiology.