Our Friends

Frankly, what helped us take this project forward from being a germ of an idea to a full blown project was the support from our friends across the spectrum. Friends of the Collective are accomplished writers, thinkers, poets or just evolved readers. Often, we approached them to become a mentor, but they felt they were pressed for time and joined as friends instead! We hope that conversations about Indian novels will continue to grow and be enriched.

Abhay Sardesai


Abhay Sardesai is the Editor of ART India, the country’s premier art magazine, since November 2002. Under his editorship, the magazine has developed a Culture Studies-oriented approach and has become more inter-disciplinary in its theme-based explorations. He has been a Visiting Faculty in Aesthetics at the Department of English, University of Mumbai, and has also been the Chair of Humanities, Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture, Mumbai.



Anamika is a prominent contemporary Indian poet, social worker, and novelist writing in Hindi, and a critic writing in English. She has eight collections of poetry, five novels and four works of criticism in her credit. Currently, she is Reader at the Department of English, Satyawati College, University of Delhi.

Anant Nath


Editor-in-chief of India’s first narrative-based journalism magazine and director at Delhi Press, Anant Nath writes columns in The Caravan, titled Editor’s Corner.

Anjali Purohit


Anjali Purohit is an artist, writer, poet, translator and curator. She is the author of two books, Ragi Ragini: Chronicles from Aji’s Kitchen(Yoda Press, 2012) and Go Talk to the River: the Ovis of Bahinabai Choudhari (Yoda Press, 2019). Her writing has also featured in several anthologies and literary journals. She is the founder and curator of The Cappuccino Adda. She is presently working on her forthcoming book of poetry.

Ashis Nandy


Award-winning political psychologist and social theorist Ashis Nandy has provided very relevant theoretical critiques of European colonialism, modernity, secularism, science, technology, nuclearism, cosmopolitanism, and utopia. Nandy has appeared on the list of the Top 100 Public Intellectuals Poll of the Foreign Policy (2008) and is currently the Chairperson of the Committee of Cultural Choices and Global Futures, in New Delhi.

Ayaz Memon

Sports Journalist

Ayaz Memon is an Indian sports writer, journalist, columnist, author and lawyer. He started his career as sports writer and went on to edit newspapers like Mid-Day, Bombay Times and DNAapart from being editor of Sportsweek magazine and sports editor of the Times of India and the Independent at various stages.

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