Abhay Sardesai

K. Srilata


K. Srilata is a poet, fiction writer and Professor of English at IIT Madras. Her books include four poetry collections: Bookmarking the Oasis, Writing Octopus, Arriving Shortly and Seablue Child, a novel Table for Four, long listed in 2009 for the Man Asian literary prize and published by Penguin in 2011, two co-edited anthologies The Rapids of a Great River: The Penguin Book of Tamil Poetry and Short Fiction from South India, a translation of R. Vatsala’s Tamil novel Once there was a girl (Vattathul) and a translation of women’s writing from the Self-Respect movement The Other Half of the Coconut: Women Writing Self-Respect History. Yoda Press recently published an Indo-Irish collaborative poetry anthology All the Worlds Between that she co-edited with Fiona Bolger.