Abhay Sardesai

Jyoti Narula Ranjan

Co-Founder, Syntalk

Jyoti Narula Ranjan (Founder SynnerSynTalk): Jyoti is the Founder Synner of SynTalk. SynTalk (short for Synthesis Talk) is a freewheeling interdisciplinary talk show with a philosophical approach to understanding the world from a long term perspective. Over the last over three years, SynTalk has released over 100 episodes and hosted nearly 300 SynTalkrs (guests) from a wide range of disciplines. Jyoti has conceived the show & the platform and drives pre-production research, episode prototyping, episode design and technology-led dissemination. Jyoti has worked with several leading global and Indian technology companies and start-ups including Google, Star India (‘Hotstar’), Aricent, and Netcore.