• Kusumabale

    By Devanur Mahadeva
    Translated into English by Susan Daniel

    Steered by the nuances of regional folk tale and oral tradition, this extraordinary account of caste-based oppression presents a rare blend of poetry and prose while reframing the paradigm of realism. A modern classic, when it first appeared in 1988, Kusumabale marked a turning point in modern Kannada literature which leads us to a world of spirits ruled by a strong sense of justice. The novel is ostensibly about the murder of an untouchable young man, Channa, who has an affair with Kusuma, an upper-caste girl. Set against an intricately woven cosmos, the novel foregrounds the harsh realities of Dalit life. Considered as a classic in Indian Dalit literature, it received the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1990.

    About the Author
    Devanuru Mahadeva (born 1948) is an award-winning novelist and one of the most important writers of contemporary Kannada literature. He was awarded the Central Sahitya Akademi and the Padmashree award. He is one of the most prominent Dalit writers in India.