Indian Novels Collective at The Women’s Writers Fest

Moderated by Ashwani Kumar, the panel comprised, Annie Zaidi, a prolific writer across several genres including reportage, fiction, drama and comics, Anjali Purohit, artist, writer, poet, translator and curator who has just translated Bahinabai’s Ovis into English and Anuradha Parikh, our core group member and an architect and filmmaker.

The conversation explored unique aspects of translation which one rarely gets to hear. From literature to films, how do translation and transcreation bring alive a long forgotten work or make it accessible to a new audience was discussed.

Anjali Purohit spoke of Bahinabai and sang one of her Ovis for the audience in both the original and translation while Anuradha Parikh passionately spoke of the need for translation in all aspects of art and literature. Annie Zaidi focussed on translation in drama and how she was working towards archiving her grandfather’s work in translation for the future generations.

Thank you She The People TV for inviting us to a panel on Women’s Writers Fest to talk about the Indian Novels Collective and translations.

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