O Lalla, O Lal Ded, O Lalleshwari!

Here’s a look at the finale of Lal Ded presented by Mita Vasisht, in collaboration with Indian Novels Collective, at G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Mumbai.

The Monsoon Reading of Mohan Rakesh’s ‘Ashaad Ka Ek Din’

On Friday, July 5 2019, the monsoon reading of ‘Ashaad Ka Ek Din’ — the first modern Hindi play by Mohan Rakesh held at Jindal Mansion was attended by a motley group of theatre lovers. Sangita Jindal, Amrita Somaiya, Ashwani Kumar, Anuradha Parikh — the core group members of Indian Novels Collective, were all present to support and conduct the evening’s proceedings. The audience got a feel of the greatness of the Hindi play through the mesmerising reading by three renowned artists— Ram Gopal Bajaj, Meeta Vasisht and Priyanka Setia. The event also paid tribute to Girish Karnad— the revered playwright. Here’s a glimpse into the event.

Literature As Folk Tradition

At Indian Novels Collective, our effort is to transcend the gap between Indian storytelling and English readers. In collaboration with the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, we explored the word that is almost lost to this audience because it does not get written. And yet, it is the most powerful storytelling, connecting to audiences across generations, … Continue reading “Literature As Folk Tradition”