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Past Events

The Unfettered God – Lalon Fakir’s Search

Lalon Fakir united people of different communities through his songs that expressed love of mankind and of God, without adhering to any particular religious creed or any traditional spiritual school. His simple teachings alienated the orthodox communities of Hindus and Muslims. He inspired thousands of simple folk who were attracted by his songs and by his universal message of love and hope. His message has become more relevant today than ever. Danish Husain with the help of two Baul singers bought this message in an accessible and engaging way to the engaged audience.

Launch of Indian Novels Collective

It was a literary evening to remember as several notable members of the literary, academic and art world joined hands as a not-for-profit network to create conversations around Regional Indian popular novels under the banner of Indian Novels Collective.

The core team comprised of Mrs Sangita Jindal, Mr Ashwani Kumar, Ms Amrita Somaiya and Ms Anuradha Parikh who seeded and nurtured the idea. On 22 September, at Jindal Mansion, the initiative was launched  with readings by Sangita Jindal, Neena Gupta, Shekhar Gupta, Prabodh Parikh and many more.

As the evening progressed, people were enthused by the range of the Hindi novels and their richness and contemporary relevance.

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